PTFE Fabric With Adhesive Backing

PTFE Fabric With Adhesive Backing

LinkCoo offers PTFE Fabric With Adhesive Backing; this high-quality single-sided or double-sided adhesive PTFE-coated fiberglass fabric is cost-effective and less time-consuming than materials that require rivets or fasteners.

LinkCoo’s advanced lamination technology is suitable for various materials up to 60 inches wide and in thicknesses between 0.001 inch and 1 inch in some applications.

All adhesive-backed fabric products are available with acrylic and silicone adhesives; acrylic is characterized by high tack, while silicone leaves no adhesive residue.

Once we’ve laminated your material with your adhesive of choice, consider our other top converting options to shorten your lead times and ensure a consistent and cost-effective product. These services include die cutting, high-speed sheeting, and roll slitting, all to exacting tolerances.

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