Agency Policy

LinkCoo‘s current business volume has increased dramatically. Now it is recruiting agents to provide competitive products and prices to help you quickly open up a business in the local market.

who are we?
LinkCoo is a professional manufacturer of PTFE high temperature resistant materials. Engaged in PTFE product research and development, manufacturing and sales for 22 years. The company has high-temperature fabric and tape factories, providing professional products and designs for customers in 115 countries around the world. plan.

What are our products?

LinkCoo’s main products are PTFE fabrics and finished products.

LinkCoo’s PTFE fabric includes PTFE coated glass fiber fabric, PTFE coated Kevlar fabric, PTFE coated grid, PTFE tape, PTFE film, PTFE membrane material.

LinkCoo’s finished products include PTFE conveyor belts, PTFE BBQ mats, PTFE kneading mats, etc.

Our advantage?
LinkCoo’s products have more than 20 certifications such as FDA, UL, and ASTM in North America and the European Union. At the same time, we have ultra-fast delivery within three days and very competitive prices. LinkCoo also has a unique industry “damage compensation” policy.

What can we offer agents?

Lower Price

According to the different order quantity every year, Heaterk can give the most competitive price to help you develop the local market.

Technical support

We offer expert service to all of our resellers; whatever technical issues or product issues you have, we will help you quickly.

New Product

LinkCoo launches more than 30 new products every year, and agents can have priority access to product samples and information to help them beat other merchants in the local market.

Customized service

LinkCoo provides industry solution support for all agents; whether you need specific size, performance or multi-material composite products, LinkCoo can meet it.

Billing Bycle

LinkCoo provides agents with a billing cycle of more than one year, helping agents avoid financial pressure and achieve business success faster.

What are the conditions for joining?

1. Enterprises whose main products are PTFE products or peripheral products

2. Possess independent office space, independent legal personality, and relevant product marketing experience.

3. Provide localized development plans for related products, and be able to actively explore the local market

4. Pay attention to the LinkCoo brand and abide by the sales regulations of the LinkCoo brand

5. Able to complete the annual sales stipulated in the “Agency Agreement”.

Please feel free to contact us to learn more about agency regulations.

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