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High Speed Sheeting

LinkCoo provides PTFE-coated fabric, PTFE-coated mesh, PTFE film, PTFE tape, and a PTFE conveyor belt;

LinkCoo provides wholesale, customization, design, OEM, and ODM services for all products, and the factory strictly follows the ISO14001:2015 quality management system.

LinkCoo’s PTFE products, including FDA, UL94, and ROHS, have obtained certifications.

PTFE Coated Fabric

It adopts the Teflon emulsion from internationally renowned brands. It adopts multiple dipping processes to add coatings to E-glass fiberglass fabrics and aramid fabrics to meet different functions such as high-temperature resistance, antistatic, heat insulation, and food safety.


LinkCoo coats PTFE emulsion for glass fiber mesh and aramid fiberglass mesh. This PTFE mesh fabric can be selected in various apertures and warp and weft types.

PTFE Coated Fabric

LinkCoo manufactures films for applications and specifications; these porous PTFE films have polymer performance characteristics, including high-temperature resistance, chemical resistance, moisture resistance, high dielectric strength, and flexibility.


LinkCoo supplies and processes a wide range of high-performance PTFE tapes with or without pressure-sensitive adhesives. The tape types that LinkCoo supplies include Teflon fiberglass, Teflon film, Teflon skived film, and Teflon-coated kevlar Fabric.

PTFE Belts

LinkCoo manufactures high-performance belts in PTFE and silicone-coated fabrics, from non-porous to perforated mesh, available in continuous endless, endless belts.

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