PTFE Fabric Tape with Double Side Coating

Double-sided Teflon coated fiberglass tape

LinkCoo’s double-sided PTFE Fabric Tape is made with acrylic adhesive or high-tack adhesive. Double-sided pressure-sensitive tapes are available in thicknesses from 0.010″ to 0.060″ and can be used on rolls, sheets, or die-cut parts.


Double-sided PTFE Fabric Tape helps reduce assembly and production costs by eliminating the need for mechanical fasteners (rivets, bolts, screws, etc.). It also absorbs impact, resists plasticizer migration, and avoids stress-cracking problems. The tape can also be used to join dissimilar materials or heat-sensitive materials that were not normally possible due to the deformation of the materials at high temperatures. 


Double-sided PTFE coated glass fabric tape can help eliminate these problems and provide application solutions.


This tape retains the traditional advantages of standard single-sided PTFE pressure-sensitive tapes. 


PTFE coated glass fabric tape offers high temperature and chemical resistance, a non-porous surface, and excellent dielectric strength. Both acrylic and high-tack adhesive systems have these properties

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