Discover the finest selection of PTFE mesh products at LinkCoo, a leading manufacturer in the industry. 

Our cutting-edge PTFE coated fiberglass mesh and PTFE coated Kevlar mesh is designed to provide excellent performance and durability in various applications, including conveyor belt systems, filtration, and drying processes. 

Experience unparalleled quality, competitive pricing, and customized solutions with LinkCoo’s PTFE coated fiberglass open mesh fabrics offerings.

// Our Premium PTFE Mesh Product Line

At LinkCoo, we offer two particular types of PTFE mesh products, each crafted using top-quality raw materials and tailored to meet the specific requirements of diverse industries:


PTFE Coated Fiberglass Mesh: Combining the strength of woven glass fabrics with the unique properties of PTFE coating, our PTFE coated fiberglass open mesh fabrics deliver excellent chemical resistance, dimensional stability, and high-temperature performance up to 500°F (260°C).

PTFE Coated Kevlar Mesh: Our innovative PTFE coated Kevlar mesh offers superior strength, durability, and tear resistance, making it the ideal choice for heavy-duty applications that require maximum performance.

// PTFE Coated Wire Mesh: Strength Meets Flexibility

Our PTFE coated wire mesh features stainless steel wires interwoven with the finest PTFE coating to ensure unparalleled strength and resilience. This unique composition offers outstanding chemical resistance and remarkable temperature stability, capable of withstanding temperatures up to 600°F (315°C).

// Key Benefits of Our PTFE coated wire mesh:

  • Customizable Porosity: Our mesh fabric offers large, controllable porosity, allowing us to produce mesh sizes ranging from 1mm to 10mm to suit your specific requirements.


  • Superior Chemical Resistance: Our mesh exhibits excellent resistance to almost all chemicals, including aggressive agents such as correction fluids, ensuring its durability and longevity in even the most challenging environments.


  • Wide Temperature Range: With a maximum working temperature range of -70°C to 260°C (-94°F to 500°F), our mesh is ideal for applications that require exceptional temperature stability.


  • Non-Stick Surface: The PTFE coating provides an excellent non-stick surface for easy cleaning and release, significantly reducing downtime and maintenance costs.


  • Customizable Sizes: Our mesh can be made in any size to meet your specific needs, with a maximum width of 4 meters, ensuring seamless integration into your operations.


  • Excellent Strength & Dimensional Stability: Our mesh boasts remarkable strength and dimensional stability, guaranteeing reliable performance under various conditions.


  • Food Grade Material: With its FDA-compliant properties, our Teflon mesh is safe for direct contact with food, making it ideal for food processing and packaging applications.


  • Lightweight & Easy to Install: Our Teflon coated mesh is light and easy to install, minimizing operational complexities and maximizing efficiency.


  • UV, IR, and High-Frequency Resistance: Our PTFE fiberglass mesh offers high resistance to UV, IR, and high-frequency radiation, ensuring optimal performance in applications exposed to these elements.


  • High Dielectric Strength: Our PTFE open mesh fabric features high dielectric strength, making it ideal for electrical insulation and protection applications.


  • Anti-Static Option: We can produce our open mesh with anti-static properties, making it suitable for industries where static charge accumulation is a concern.


  1. Aerospace & Aviation: Utilize our coated mesh for insulation, heat shielding, and as a lightweight, high-strength composite material in aircraft components. Its resistance to extreme temperatures and chemicals ensures reliable performance in demanding aerospace environments.
  2. Automotive: Implement our Teflon mesh in gaskets, seals, and heat shields for vehicles, ensuring optimal performance under high temperatures and exposure to automotive fluids. Its non-stick properties also make it perfect for applications where reduced friction is desired.

  3. Chemical Processing: Leverage the chemical resistance of our PTFE coated mesh in the construction of filters, screens, and conveyor belts that are exposed to aggressive chemicals during processing. It ensures longevity and reliability in corrosive environments.

  4. Food & Beverage: Employ our FDA-compliant mesh in conveyor belts, drying racks, and filtering systems for food processing and packaging. Its non-stick properties make it easy to clean, reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

  5. Electronics & Semiconductor Manufacturing: Utilize our mesh for insulation, gaskets, and heat shielding in electronics manufacturing, ensuring optimal performance in high-temperature environments and protection against corrosive chemicals.

  6. Pharmaceuticals: Implement our ptfe glass mesh fabric in filtration systems, drying trays, and conveyor belts used in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Its chemical resistance and compliance with FDA regulations make it ideal for maintaining strict hygiene standards.

  7. Textile Manufacturing: Use our mesh for drying, curing, and heat-setting fabrics in the textile industry. Its non-stick properties ensure a smooth and efficient process without damage to delicate materials.

  8. Solar Energy: Implement our mesh Fabric as a protective layer for solar panels, ensuring optimal performance by shielding against extreme temperatures and UV radiation.

// Why Choose LinkCoo for Your ptfe glass mesh fabric Fabric Needs

When you partner with LinkCoo, you benefit from our industry expertise, commitment to customer satisfaction, and comprehensive product offerings:


  • Competitive Pricing: We offer high-quality PTFE glass mesh fabric products at attractive wholesale prices, ensuring value for money without compromising performance.
  • Custom Colors and Solutions: Our PTFE coated fiberglass mesh fabric is available in a wide range of custom colors and can be tailored to meet your specific application requirements.
  • Efficient Transportation: Our reliable logistics network guarantees prompt delivery of your orders, regardless of location.

// Experience the LinkCoo Difference

Comprehensive PTFE glass mesh fabric Options: Our PTFE coated fiberglass mesh and PTFE coated Kevlar mesh cater to diverse applications, from mesh conveyor belting to filtration systems.
High-Quality Raw Materials: We utilize only the finest PTFE fiberglass membrane and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coated fiberglass materials to produce our mesh fabrics.
Exceptional Performance: Our PTFE coated fiberglass mesh fabric products offer excellent chemical resistance, high-temperature performance, and dimensional stability for various applications.

LinkCoo is your go-to for premium PTFE coated fiberglass mesh fabric solutions. Our commitment to quality, competitive pricing, and unparalleled customer support make us the ideal partner for your PTFE coated fiberglass open mesh fabrics needs. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and discover how LinkCoo’s PTFE mesh products can elevate your business.

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