Breathable PTFE Coated Fabric​

Breathable PTFE Film

LinkCoo porous fabrics are specially formulated to be “breathable” while maintaining their unique non-stick properties.


These fabrics are made from a PTFE-coated woven fiberglass substrate. Porous materials have a controlled porosity that allows the product to cure and outgas through the fabric.


Due to their unique properties, these fabrics are ideal for various applications, from manufacturing polymers to releasing media for composite molding.

These fabrics have been engineered to retain the unique properties of PTFE; however, the added benefits of dimensional stability, durability, and excellent tensile strength can be gained by adding fiberglass fabric to the matrix. 


Typical applications include manufacturing silicone rubber sheets, curing rubber-plastic foams and sponges, insulation and protection, composite material release, and manufacturing release sheets for glass-resin structures.

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