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PTFE Fiberglass Tape


LinkCoo offers PTFE-coated fiberglass fabrics with pressure-sensitive silicone tapes to provide excellent release properties and a non-stick surface to keep machinery and equipment running smoothly and efficiently.


This PTFE-coated fiberglass adhesive tape has a maximum temperature resistance of 500℉, and the PTFE coating on the surface provides smooth, anti-stick, and waterproof properties.

LinkCoo’s PTFE-coated fiberglass tape offers high-temperature solutions for packaging (heat sealing, shrink wrap) as a heat-resistant release surface placed on heating elements and pressure bars.

Multi-purpose: pulse sealing machine, high-speed sealing machine, food packaging, hot-melt machine, motor, high and low voltage electrical products, wire and cable insulation protection, battery manufacturing sewing machine, etc. High-temperature resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-sticking


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