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Toast Bags



  • FDA and SGS food-grade materials
  • Available in a variety of toaster bag sizes
  • 500 °F or 260 °C temperature resistant
  • Portable and reusable


LinkCoo’s toast bag is made of high-quality PTFE-coated fiberglass, which is safe and healthy. No harmful substances are produced when the toaster bag is heated in the toaster or oven. The seams are heat bonded and chemical-free. Please do not tear or rub with force.

The Teflon coating on the inside and outside of these toast bags ensures that it is non-stick and, thus, very easy to clean. The reusable toaster bag can be washed in warm soapy water or the dishwasher.

These reusable sandwich toaster grilled cheese bags are toaster, oven, microwave, or grill compatible, allowing you to heat up or cook your favorite snack or meal at home, school, or office, whether it’s a slice of pizza, baked A cheese sandwich or some chicken nuggets or even vegetables.

LinkCoo offers grilled cheese bags for a toaster in three different sizes: 16*16.5cm (6.3*6.5”), 16cm*18cm (6.3*7.1”), 17*19cm (6.7*7.5”), suitable for most foods.

LinkCoo’s toast bags support customization, any package combination, label design and OEM, ODM services, etc.

Additional information


non stick PTFE toaster bag


Fiberglass coated with PTFE




16×16.5cm , 16x18cm , 17x19cm size can be customized


0.06mm~0.08mm,can be customized

Temperature resistance

-70°C to 260°C (it will not cause any harm if the working temperature is exceeded)



Term of payment



Standard sizes will be shipped within 2 days, customized products will be shipped within 7-15 days according to the quantity,


inner packing: two toaster bags in a color box to be a set
outer packing: 100 sets in each carton; can be customized


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