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PTFE Non Stick BBQ Grill Mat


Discover LinkCoo’s non-stick BBQ grill mats for mess-free grilling. Our heavy-duty, reusable mats prevent food from falling through grates & sticking. Enjoy perfect grill marks, easy cleaning, & eco-friendly materials. Transform your barbecue experience with LinkCoo today.


Elevate your grilling experience with LinkCoo’s non-stick BBQ grill mat, designed to make outdoor cooking a breeze. Our heavy-duty grill mats are reusable. First, they prevent food from sticking. Additionally, they stop food from falling through the grates. As a result, you can enjoy a delicious and hassle-free barbecue every time.

Premium Non-Stick BBQ Grill Mat Features

Our BBQ grill non-stick mats are crafted with FDA-approved, PFOA-free materials, providing a safe and eco-friendly solution for your grilling needs. Key features include:

  • 100% Non-Stick Surface: Effortlessly cook any size or shape food without worrying about it sticking to the hot grill.
  • Heat Resistance: Our grill mats can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, delivering perfect grill marks and outstanding taste.
  • Easy to Clean: Wipe down the mat with a grill brush or toss it in the dishwasher for a quick and efficient cleanup.
  • Customizable: Cut the mat to fit your specific grill or bake mat dimensions, ensuring a perfect fit every time.
  • Heavy Duty & Reusable: Made to last, our BBQ grill mats offer exceptional durability and longevity for countless grilling sessions.

Why Choose LinkCoo’s Non-Stick Grill Mat for BBQ

Experience the benefits of our heavy-duty non-stick reusable BBQ grill mat at competitive prices:

  • Free Shipping: We provide free shipping on our heavy duty non stick reusable grill mat sets, delivering exceptional value for our customers.
  • Wholesale Pricing: LinkCoo offers attractive wholesale pricing for businesses seeking high-quality, PTFE-coated grill mats.
  • Reliable Transportation: Our efficient logistics network ensures prompt delivery, no matter where you are located.


Upgrade Your Grilling Experience with LinkCoo

Say goodbye to dirty grills, lost food, and tedious cleaning. Thanks to LinkCoo’s heavy-duty non-stick reusable BBQ mat, cooking becomes a breeze. Now, you can effortlessly prepare your favorite dishes, ranging from juicy burgers to delicate fish. Furthermore, you won’t have to compromise on flavor.Our grill mats are a game-changer for both seasoned grill masters and beginners alike.

Choose LinkCoo’s PTFE non-stick BBQ grill mat for a convenient, enjoyable, and mess-free grilling experience. Place your order today and savor the taste of a perfectly cooked, mouth-watering barbecue.

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  • Do not put directly on the charcoal. Could you place the mat on the grill grate about 7 inches from the burners?
  • When using the product for more than 30 minutes, it’s important to note that the maximum temperature cannot exceed 260F. On the other hand, for short-term usage, the temperature limit is slightly higher. In this case, the maximum temperature should not surpass 500F.
  • Avoid scratching the mat with sharp or metal tools; cool the carpet before cleaning it, and dry it with a soft cloth

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33x40cm, 40X50cm, 40X60cm (can be customized)



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Size, thickness, temperature resistance, coating process, packaging, printing, etc.


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